Sunday, October 03, 2004

Cardboard boxes and being an inch tall

not knowing what to expect when starting something new is a similar experience for most people. however its a given that, when applying a little common sense, you can kind of work out what is about to happen. its fairly obvious when about to emark on your first skydive that there is going to be an element of sky and jumping involved. or last night when i went out i was safe in the knowledge that when i woke up this morning i was going to have a hangover. so when i started at plymouth university i didn't entirely know what was going to happen but i knew that there was going to be a lot of drinking, lectures (dumbed down for the first few weeks) and a lot of paperwork to take care of.
with the exception of the paperwork its all lies.
my initial impression of university has been; drinking.
2.lots of lecturers that assume you have a degree in your chosen subject
3.more lectures where the lecturers dont tell you in plain english what they actually want you to do

my chosen course is architecture and in the vain of living up to expectations i believe it will. however at this moment in time i have spent a week playing with boxes and pretending to be an inch in stature. i'm twenty two years old and six feet eight inches tall. the last time i was only an inch high i still had seven months before i was born!
it's not all bad though. i have been given an opportunity to go after my dream so i cant really complain to much. and i sit next to a very very very cute girl.

And as far as expectations go. i was spot on about the hangover...


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